Cycling holidays


At first, my girlfriend and I ended up on Kefalonia by coincidence, but during our stay we instantly sensed that the island has a lot to offer. Because we both fell in love with this island, we started seeing opportunities and possibilities.

As we were driving around by car during our holiday, I imagined myself riding a bike in this stunning surrounding.

This kind of imagination is typical for cyclists, who see a beautiful mountain road. So I did what I’d imagined, I grabbed a bike and explored the island.

I discovered many new places and enjoyed the island once again, but from a different perspective. Eventually it led me to the idea of organising cycling holidays and I started plotting out my dream. Somehow it all made sense for a passionate cyclist like me, and so the adventure began…


Why Kefalonia?

As I told you before, Kefalonia has a lot to offer. In my opinion Kefalonia has everything to guarantee a successful cycling holiday. But you might wonder what it is exactly that makes the island perfect for it? These are my answers to your question.


  • The roads are well-maintained and quiet in terms of traffic.
  • Kefalonia’s nature is breath-taking, so you won’t get bored on the road.
  • If acidification takes place, just take in the ever-changing scenery.
  • You’ll pass small villages, with cosy terraces to refresh and refuel.
  • The friendly local people will make you feel at home immediately.
  • Even the challenging routes will seduce you to do them once again.
  • Due to the size of the island, Kefalonia is easily discovered within a week.
  • The island has great climbs including astonishing views.
  • Cycling alone or in a group are both possible.
  • ‘Luca Cycling’ will organize an unforgettable holiday to your needs.


The material

Luca Cycling cooperates with a local company, they’ll take care of the equipment.