Let me introduce myself

My name is Luuk Metsemakers. I consider myself a fanatic cyclist as I have been cycling for over 17 years now. I have ridden in different categories, such as the ‘Juniors’, ‘Promises’, ‘Elite’ and ‘Amateur’. These races took place in different countries all over Europe. Because cycling gave and still gives me so much pleasure, I started looking for possibilities to follow my passion. 


During a holiday in Kefalonia, I came up with the idea to start organizing cycling holidays. This concept has always appealed to me, but in Kefalonia it just felt like the pieces of the puzzle were falling together. I would like to enable people to experience how inspiring it can be to cycle on this beautiful island, just like my slogan says ‘cycle to enjoy’.

Being active in a setting like this allows you to make the most of your holiday; taking in the greatest views, discovering gorgeous hidden places and enjoying the Greek hospitality.

On top of that I offer personal guidance and the best cycling routes, so you will get to see the gems of the island. Along these routes you will find terraces and restaurants for some refreshments along the way or some tasty Greek dishes to refuel.

All in all enjoyable moments with everything you need within easy reach.

A holiday of ‘Luca cycling’ makes for a unique experience.